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10 Lead Magnets 

You Can Use In Your Social Media & Online Marketing 

Right Now

To Generate Thousands Of



Pre-Motivated Leads

What’s A Lead Magnet?


Too many businesses rely on hope, networking, or protesting grunt work to get customers through their door or to their website.


There’s a better way.


In marketing, there are 3 golden rules you must heed:


#1: The more qualified leads you generate, the more money you’ll make

#2: The more offers you put in front of those leads, the more money you’ll make

#3: The tighter your message-to-market match, the more money you’ll make.

If your current efforts to achieve step #1 involve networking, grunt work, and basically hoping qualified customers will stumble across your business, you’re putting your business in jeopardy (or you’re working yourself to death).


In order for your business to reach an autonomous state of attracting qualified prospects, converting those prospects into customers, then turning those customers into repeat customers, you need to create autonomous lead generation systems that consistently get your ideal prospects to step out of the crowd, raise their hands and ask for YOU.


That’s what a Lead Magnet will do for your business.


Your Lead Magnet allows potential buyers to step forward and identify themselves as legitimate buyers so you can aggressively sell to them. Without it, you could be saying your message to people who don’t even care for your product or service.


You might as well be shooting arrows at a moving target—blindfolded.


Much of this is contrary to most of what you see on social media or are advised to do so by social media “specialists” who care only about bragging-right numbers like “likes”, views, retweets, etc.


Everything EXCEPT money in the bank.


So… what exactly does a Lead Magnet look like?



A brief definition is this:

Something your best prospects would pay for, even if it weren’t free. Instead, all they need to do is give you their contact info.



It has to be something that raises a prospect’s dopamine levels when he sees it.


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It helps regulate movement and emotional responses and enables us not only to see rewards but to take action towards them.


Therefore, your Lead Magnet has to be something that when your prospect sees it, his brain registers it as a “quick win”. Meaning he will get a great reward for minimal effort.


Then, the moment he consumes your lead magnet, he should get another quick dose of dopamine, propelling him to continue along the path of sale.




Yes, maybe a little. But necessary. Your prospect craves it.



What Does A Lead Magnet Look Like?



Your Lead Magnet has to accomplish 3 things:

  1. It must identify who is interested in what you offer
  2. It must be something that provides real inherent value
  3. and it must something that’s easily consumed.


To properly do this, you MUST find your Niche and your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) first. It’s the only way you’ll be able to offer something that can accomplish those three things.


I’ll dive into that later, but for now…


Here’s a list of 10 Lead Magnets you can use in your business right now and start generating super-targeted and super-qualified leads:



#1: A Guide


Start with the top 25 questions prospects ask you when considering doing business in your industry.

Then form those questions into a comprehensive and easily consumable guide.



“The Ultimate Consumer’s Guide To ____. This guide will help you learn what you need to about ____ and if it’s the right choice for you.”

This is one of the most powerful Lead Magnets. It’s a non-threatening way you can educate your prospects on everything you offer. It’s like a 24/7-365 salesman that delivers the perfect message all day, every day.

It’s actually better than a salesman. Why? Because when your prospect reads it, his walls are completely down and he’s much more likely to believe what he’s being told.

(example of a roofing company’s Guide Lead Magnet)



#2: A Who’s Who Book (Case Studies)


This can be a showcase of who chooses to work with you and what your services/products can do (exposing the benefits of your product/service in an organic way)


(accounting firm)

“How 5 Businesses Cut Their Expenses By More Than 27%”
 (wedding planner)
“Ten of The Best Weddings In Our Town”




#3: A Step-by-Step Blueprint


This works really well if you provide a service. It starts your prospect on a path that naturally leads to your services.


(a fitness trainer that targets stay at home moms)
“How To Burn 10 lbs Of Fat In 20 Days — A Step-by-Step Blueprint For Stay At Home Moms Who Don’t Have Time To Go To The Gym Everyday”




(example of Muscle Pharm’s Blueprint Lead Magnet)

#4: An eBook


– Makes people feel they are getting something of large value

– Sets you up as the authority

– Use it for describing a prospect’s problem effectively and ensuring a solution.

– Can take 20-30 of your best blog posts and compile them into a book.


(web designer’s eBook Lead Magnet)

#5: Gift Certificate/Discount Code


– This harnesses one of the greatest powers of social media: People feel as if they are getting a deal in front of everyone else.

– Can be used as a “Loss Leader”. (I.E. you either break even or lose money offering an amazing deal for the purpose of gaining more customers, then make your real money through upsells, cross-sells, and repeat buying.


“Fill in your name and email here for 85% off___ as our gift to you!
*offer only valid through this opt-in




#6: Checklists


– Offers INSTANT gratification

– Needs to explain how to do something simply and logically

– Flow chart/cheat sheet/process chart/infographic/etc.

– Offers the promise of useful information in small, easy-to-understand blurbs, so it tends to be a very effective lead magnet


(solar company)

“10 Things You Need To Ask A Solar Company Before They Install Solar Panels On Your Roof”



(wedding photographer’s Checklist Lead Magnet) 

#7: Event Tickets 


– Get bulk tickets and use as lead magnets

– This can also be counted as a “Loss Leader”

– Must plan out monetization strategy so you don’t lose money




#8: Webinar Registration


–  One of the easiest ways to generate leads for a “How-To” business

#9: Contests


– Competition is one of the strongest activators of dopamine

– Makes your marketing more “fun” so your prospects are eager to participate

– DO NOT run it on your Facebook page. Collect email addresses then send prospects to a landing page

– Give away a prize that also works as a way to qualify your leads. (Not iPads, visa gift cards, etc) – Gift certificate for your business, consulting time, a ticket, merchandise, etc.

#10: Video Series


Videos are an extremely effective way to generate leads. But it’s only smart for when you have a good budget to work with and your message-to-market match is spot on.

It’s too difficult and expensive to go back and change videos if you find out your message needs changing.

Remember this…


Each of these Lead Magnets has to be relevant to your business and what you offer. Each Lead Magnet must be something that identifies who is interested in what you offer.


For example, A carpet cleaner would offer a guide like this…


Free Consumers Guide To Hiring The Right Carpet Cleaner

8 costly mistakes to avoid when hiring a carpet cleaner

– 7 common misconceptions about cleaning your carpet

– The “dirty” secret carpet cleaners don’t want you to know

– 4 questions to ask a carpet cleaner before you invite them over to your house”





This Lead Magnet identifies who is interested in getting their carpet cleaned, it educates them, and it helps guide them to the business who wrote the guide.


Make sure your Lead Magnet accomplishes the same.





 Remember, it also MUST accomplish these three things:

  1. Identifies who your ideal prospects are
  2. Something that provides real inherent value
  3. Something that’s easily consumed



and this…


It cannot have too much info or else…


1) there would be no reason for them to continue learning from you


2) they would be completely overwhelmed and run away from the topic altogether.


Now that you have the tools for generating thousands of qualified leads, you need to understand what REALLY makes a Lead Magnet work…



Find Your Niche/USP BEFORE You Make Your Lead Magnet



USP: Unique Selling Proposition



Your USP needs to answer this question:


Why should I, your prospect, choose to do business with you vs. any and every other option?


Part of finding your USP is finding your Niche.


Your Niche is a targeted group of people who you can offer a unique service or product to. Unless you’re a deca-million dollar or billion dollar business, YOU MUST NICHE!


Without it, your marketing efforts will be like throwing sand into the wind. You’ll get nowhere.


Build your brand around a selected target, niche, or subculture market small enough that you can have impact.


This is where the real money is for small businesses. Even large businesses will target specific niches — if they’re smart.


By finding your niche, you can then develop your USP. You can find out what needs, problems, and frustrations that target group of people has, then provide a unique and powerful solution.



To help you form your USP, use this formula:


WHO is your business for + WHAT do you want to be known for, by WHO, then HOW can you represent, symbolize, and summarize that in a memorable way.


Remember, “who” comes first. That’s how people can determine right away if what you offer is for them or not. And it will bring your ideal prospects to YOU.

Once you find your niche and your USP, developing a Lead Magnet that speaks directly to your prospects, raises their dopamine levels, and gets them to step out of the crowd and say “Here I am! I’m interested in what you offer!” now becomes much, much easier.

Let’s recap…


Find your Niche, develop your USP, then create Lead Magnets to draw them out of the crowd and get them to identify themselves to you as pre-qualified, pre-motivated, and pre-determined prospects who WANT what you offer.


Now you’ve taken out the grunt work. You have an autonomous system that gets your prospects coming to YOU, instead of you killing yourself trying to find them.


Plus, by strategically applying Lead Magnets in your business, you’ll be reaching prospects that your competitors can’t.


While everyone else is saying:

“Give us your money now”


you’re saying:

“Let me win your trust first, then come do business with me.”



We live in a hyper-competitive era where it’s never been harder to win someone’s business. Yet, we also live in an era where it’s never been easier to retain someone’s business.


Use it to your advantage or be at its mercy.

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