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There’s a 99.9% Chance This Is Why Your Offers Are Getting Ignored


Stop talking about yourself. Stop talking about your business. And stop telling your customers why they should do business with you. Seriously, no one cares and no one has time to listen to you blabber. Especially your customers. There’s one thing and one thing only your customers care about: cheese.

Show Them The Cheese

Humans, surprisingly, are very similar to mice. The reason scientists always do studies on mice is because their brains are almost identical to ours—except smaller, of course.

Knowing this, let’s think about what a regular mouse’s life is like. There are two main goals a mouse has (actually I bet they’re the only goals a mouse has):

  1. Get cheese
  2. Avoid cats

That’s it!

As humans we’re very similar. We’re always looking for the “cheese”. Whether it be money, love, food, security, recognition, or achievement, we are always on the lookout for some sort of savory yellow goodness to indulge on.

We don’t care much about anything else—It’s just our nature. Ever since our primal days our brains have been trained to look out for numero uno and avoid anything that would keep us from surviving. And surviving in today’s world is a lot different from what it was back then. Our brains have adapted to our surroundings and we now search for “survival” in different ways such as the ones I’ve described above.

So what does this mean for getting your prospects to act on your offer and give you their money?

It’s easy – show them the cheese!

Actually, you’d think it’d be easy. But so many companies waste time, money, and effort boasting about their accomplishments: How many years they’ve been in business, how many people they’ve helped, how they’re the “best in the industry” and so on.

Sure that’s all great stuff, but your customers don’t care. Maybe it helps build credibility at some point in developing customer relationships, but when it comes to getting your prospect’s attention and getting them to act, it’s the last thing you want to talk about.

I know you’re probably thinking…

I already do that! I’m telling my audience what’s in it for them and offering them what they deeply desire….

Well, if you are showing your prospects the cheese but they’re still not responding, you’re missing a MONUMENTAL piece to this equation still…

Hide Your Whiskers

Think back to the mouse. What’s his main goals? – Get cheese and avoid cats.

Hate to break it to you, but you’re the cat. And if you don’t hide your whiskers, that mouse is going to see you from a mile away and go find cheese elsewhere.

Like I said before, when it comes to getting your prospect’s attention, you have to understand he just doesn’t care about you and your business.

Not only that, he doesn’t want anything to do with your business or any other business. Because dealing with a business means he’ll have to give up his most prized possession – his money!

Therefore, you must hide your whiskers.


ONLY show him the cheese.


No, I mean really hide your whiskers…

Most businesses think they are only showing the cheese by saying “Here’s the cheese, it’s cheap, it’s free, (whatever)… Here’s the way you can get it. Just follow these simple steps: a. b. c….”

If you’re telling people HOW to get the cheese, you’re still showing your whiskers! People don’t care about the process, they just want the cheese! You’re a cat saying “Here you go little mouse. Just follow these steps to get your cheese, and I promise I won’t eat you.

Mice are smarter than that. And seeing how we’re not mice… we’re MUCH smarter than that.

In layman’s terms, most businesses will show their four step process to getting blank. But people just see that as another business trying to get their business.

Show the cheese and show it up front.



Ok. Let’s say you have a lawn mowing service.

Here’s what you typically see for someone advertising their lawn mowing service: “Bob’s Lawn Mowing Service. Best In The Business. 20 Years Serving Your Neighbors“, blah, blah ,blah….

Instead, what if we said this:

Do you want your lawn mowed for free? If so, call 555-555-5555 or go to to get your lawn mowed absolutely free – no strings attached.

See what I did there? Instead of telling people what I do, I offered them something they want. I offered them cheese and ONLY cheese.

I know what you’re thinking “But I’m not giving out my services for fee!” Don’t worry, you won’t. Your prospect will see this ad in the paper, call the number or go to the website, where you’ll explain how you are offering them a free mowing with no strings attached. If they love it, they can continue using you for their lawn mowing needs at a respectable cost.

Now you tell me. If you’re looking for a lawn mowing service, are you going to pick Bob’s company who tells you about how great he is and how spectacularly he mows lawns? Or would you pick Jon’s where you get to see first hand how well they do their work, for free! If you like it, you keep using them. If you don’t, you find someone else and you still get your lawn mowed for free.

It’s pretty obvious.

So why won’t you do the same for your customers?

Why This Can Be THE Most Powerful Weapon For A Small Business

Think about it. If you’re a small business you don’t have the money to go putting your name on billboards, spending hundreds of thousands on tv commercials and all that other brand building that will make your money disappear faster than a weekend at Vegas.

Don’t get me wrong, building a brand and trust is important. It’s the MOST important. But trying to build trust the way most multi-billion dollar companies do it is a sure way to suck all the money out of your business.

The easiest, and the most lucrative way to get a mouse is by laying the cheese right in front of him. Not by trying to convince all the mice you’re trustworthy, honest, and offer the best cheese in hopes they will come to you.

Marketing isn’t a guessing game where you throw your name out there and wait for customers to start magically calling you. Yet, so many businesses do just that. It’s like shooting an arrow at a moving target blindfolded.

If you haven’t applied direct response marketing to your business, I suggest you do. It’s the most powerful money-making weapon you can possess in your artillery as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

by Chad Holmes

Owner of Value First Marketing

Chad is a direct response copywriter and marketer who specialized in social media marketing strategy. He focuses on Value First Marketing, which is building trust with your customers, establishing yourself as THE authority in your market, and 10 X-ing your marketing efforts by giving value BEFORE selling.



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