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MOTIVATION SUCKS – Why You’ll Never Reach Your Goals


Motivation vs. Determination

Aspiration vs. Execution

Our world is getting more and more people who WANT to be successful. It is so because of the Information Age. We see people all around us and online getting successful and “making it”. Therefore, more and more people are getting motivated. The problem is motivation is crap.

Nothing truly happens until you find determination.

It’s so easy to want and aspire. We dream of a future full of wealth and happiness. We right down 5-year and 15-year goals and blow them up so we see them every day when we wake up. Yet, every year we find ourselves getting no closer to our “future”.

So what do we do? We set new goals. We make new aspirations and new plans. It’s a new day.

The cold, hard, “punch-to-your-face” truth is this: no matter how big, how inspiring your goals are, you will never reach them with motivation and aspiration.




What is determination? Well, here’s my two cents…

Determination is something rooted deep within you. And I’m not talking about an attribute that you either have or you don’t. I believe if you want something — if you truly want something — that is the root of your determination.

But here’s the secret…

It’s not the desire to achieve that thing that drives you. It’s the fear of NOT achieving it.

What does that mean? I’ll get a little personal to elaborate my point…

I’ve come to realize that ultimately my greatest fear in life is feeling personal defeat. And I’m not talking about the embarrassment we feel when others see us fail—to hell with what other think.

No. What I fear is that internal feeling of defeat. It’s wanting something so badly, then not achieving it because I gave up… that causes serious internal damage to my mind and my soul.

It causes me to doubt everything else in my life…To question whether I can actually achieve anything I want in life.

My brother used to have this saying he’d always tell me: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” And while I think that’s mostly bull**** (I can suck at knitting and still be good at badminton), when it comes to things I actually want, I believe it.

If I can’t achieve something, or conquer a challenge that I truly want, it starts my brain on a path of doubt that I can’t get off until I conquer that thing. It consumes me.

Settling: my greatest fear. Settling for a life I’m not satisfied with. Settling for less than what I really want. Settling for a relationship I’m not truly happy in. If I do, I fear that incessant fire within me will never die. It will pull on my mind and itch my soul.

Is this a problem? Maybe… But I can’t hide it. I can’t calm it. It consumes me.

THAT…that is determination. It’s something rooted deep (D-E-E-P) within you.

Now.. what’s execution?

Once you find your real determination, you have the fuel to run your ship. But a super-charged ship with no direction or the wrong direction is a disaster. Executing on that drive deep within you in everything.

Now, execution is NOT performing big, difficult, noteworthy feats. It’s not accomplishing “impossible” things that others could not. It boils down to one thing… habits.

Be a slave to your habits. Small menial daily habits that set the building blocks to your dream. It’s not flashy, no one will see it happen, and it’s not exhilarating. It’s hard, day in day out work that is plain, boring, and unnoticed. That is, inevitably, the ONLY way.

“Act without doing;

work without effort.

Think of the small as large

and the few as many.

Confront the difficult while it is still easy;

accomplish the great task

by a series of small acts.

The Master never reaches for the great;

thus He achieves greatness.

When He runs into difficulty,

He stops and gives himself to it.

He doesn’t cling to his own comfort;

thus problems are no problem for him.”

   – The Tao Te Ching

That last line has completely changed my life… When he runs into difficulty, He stops and gives himself to it. He doesn’t cling to his own comfort; thus problems are no problem for him…

When I’m faced with a problem, goal, or dream that seems insurmountable, instead of feeling overwhelmed or like I need to immediately conquer it, I give myself to it.

In other words, I give myself to the small acts (daily habits) that will lead to either conquering that goal OR lead to achieving something even better than my goal that I didn’t have the foresight to see at that moment.

It’s not fun…it’s not flashy…but it’s the only way I can find peace and confidence knowing I’m truly working on achieving my goals instead of hoping for them.

Find your determination. Break your goal down into small daily habits. Then put your head down to work and don’t tell anyone about it. This is your dream, your vendetta… the moment it becomes something for other people to see… you loose your fire.

The Master never reaches for the great; thus he achieves greatness.